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We are proud to announce the immediate availability of the 2.0 version of WrestleMation.com!

I could provide an exaustive changelog to describe what all has been revamped but the answer is actually EVERYTHING!

However, I will provide a changelog of the Key Features of 2.0...

2.0 Features:

  1. We've added a Blog for keeping up with the going's on here at WrestleMation.com which includes a Comments system that does NOT require a WM account to post.
  2. We've added Subscriptions to our graphics allowing people to get instant notification about availability of all sections of the site. You can get updates for ALL Wrestling or ALL MMA items but you can also get notifications for individual wrestlers AND even subcategories of specific wrestlers.
  3. We've removed the account requirement for most functions of the website...the only thing that now requires an account is uploading content.
  4. We've revamped the entire gallery making it MUCH more user-friendly, faster, conveinent, robust and elegant.
  5. More Dialup-Friendly - You can now browse the entire gallery FAST regardless of the internet speed you are using as it only loads the animations once you go to the details page of a specific animation.
  6. Gallery Search Engine - you can find items much easier & faster now just by running a search for whatever you want looking for.
  7. We replaced the old system of sharing items with a new Upload system that allows anyone to contribute to WM in a very easy, straight-forward way. (REQUIRES a WM account to upload)
  8. We've added a (IRC powered) Chat room to discuss wrestling, mma, graphics or anything else with your fellow WM users (does NOT require a WM account, though registering your nickname on the IRC server would be a good idea for recurrent users.)
  9. We've added a FULL  Discussion Forum thanks to our friends over at WrestleFuse.com
  10. We've added Articles and Tutorials to the site to help people with their own graphics as well as providing our opinions regarding various graphics related topics. (articles and tutorials are also open to anyone to submit, we are a community driven site so we urge you to contribute any way you can.)
  11. We've added social network integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Myspace, Plurk and more. Want to know when we add content? Follow us on any of those networks and receive updates for up to 5 new items per hour. (the limit is because we hate it when people overshare so we refuse to be one of them.)

There is SO MANY MANY MORE features to talk about but right now we'll leave it to just those "game changers".

What do you think of the new WrestleMation.com? Is there anything you miss about the old site? Is there anything you think we should add? Let us know in the comments below.

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